Our full range of products, along with tubes and flaps, allows us to serve our customers with unparalleled flexibility of product mix and delivery. We call it the 2.5-to-250 range, referring to the disparity between the lightest motorcycle tyre and the heaviest Off-the-road mining tyre that we produce under one roof. You got your all types of tyres requirement here for sure. We having the best tyres dealership/Franchise that grow year after year.

The company has a strong hold over domestic and export market, manufacturing in various brands as well as performing job work for others, including prestigious names in the Indian Tyre industry. We currently send tyres to more than 40 countries spread across 5 continents and are keep growing and growing.

In India, the number of vehicles on the road keeps increasing year after year. A lot of people either want to or already own a car so that they can live a life of convenience. But cars are not cheap. Not only is there a significant amount of money required to buy a car, but it also takes a lot of time and maintenance to make sure that it runs for years to come.

Quality is not an act, but a habit. Our manufacturing facility maintains the highest standards of quality and strict in-process controls so that our customers are assured of a superior quality product. Our tyre testing centre includes compound testing, testing of chemical and physical properties and product performance testing such as plunger tests and pulley-wheel testing.

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